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Handpicked from the vineyard and delivered straight to your door

Who we are

We love the Algarve. We love the weather, the people, the ocean, the mountains, the food, the wine… oh wait? The Algarve wines are still an unexplored territory for most of us, even if we live here or spend most of our free time here!

Why is that?

For hundreds of years the wine of Algarve was sold all over the world by the Portuguese explorers. Around the 1970’s, tourism hit the Algarve and most of the vineyards were converted to other uses.

In recent years, new pioneers have poured their passion and hard work into making the Algarve a leading wine region again, but many of us still buy wines from other regions. Our aim is to help people experience these great wines made by hardworking passionate people just around the corner.

So how many locally produced wines are there?

3? 5? 10? You may be surprised to know that there are 34 different vineyards who are now producing over 250 different wines!

The majority of these wines are made by artisan hands and use the ‘old fashion ways’ letting the grape, soil and weather speak for itself as opposed to the large factory like producers from other regions. Because of the very high exposure to sun and high temperatures, the grapes in the Algarve grow to a higher sugar content which then means a higher alcohol % which then means happier people 😉.

These days, the Algarve wines are winning silver and gold medals at International wine competitions and getting increasingly better reviews from all over the world.

Our founder Carsten moved here from abroad and has always been a wine lover…

When asking at restaurants and looking at wine selections in the supermarkets, he was often pointed towards other regions. He thought it was strange as the Algarves weather should be a good foundation to produce genuinely nice wines? He has always preferred to eat locally produced food as much as possible, that of course also goes for the wine.

He started exploring the vineyards across the Algarve and found more and more interesting wines and claims to be able to taste the same sun as he enjoys on his terrace. Now he almost only drinks and collects locally produced wines but has experienced how few people actually have discovered these hidden treasures that are all around.

Discover the Algarve one glass at a time

Handpicked from the vineyard and delivered straight to your door